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Internal education and workshops

Do you want to be a more skilled leader?

What would it be like if you were educated together with your colleagues?


The training programs focus on leadership and people management and/or the narrative mindset and methods. 

Experience shows that narrative methods and mindset create trust and strong fellowship. 

You work theoretically and practically and train the methods together so you can feel the effects. Your team spirit gets strenghtened while you practise the methods and the mindset.

The new behavior and methods are implemented easily because you are doing it together, supporting each other and sharing knowledges and experiences.  

Between every module you will do concrete experiments relevant to the daily work in your organization.


We agree together what experiments to be done between classes that work best for you. This brings the methods and the mindset directly into your organization's daily activities. 


You will feel the affects right away. 


Together you are creating a new culture and behavior in your organization.

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