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Inspiring workshops and meetings

Employee engagement

Are you planning a workshop for your team or your management team? 

Would you like it to be inspiring and creative?

What would it be like if everybody participated enthusiastically in the process? Also the ones who normally don't say much?

Which effect do you think it would have down the line?

I run strategic workshops in a creative and passionate way. We use different tools (music, ceramics, LEGO, art..) to reflect on the topic you want to examine.


We work with the topics relevant for you. Examples of topics could be Customer Relations, Collaboration, Efficiency, Passion and Work, Professional Identity, Cross-functional co-operation, Rolls and Responsibilities, Knowledge sharing, Establishment of new teams....


When we work in this creative way, we bring the mind into a flow of thoughts - and daily limitations decrease. 

"Our hand gets to be our external brain" - says the German philosopher, Immanuel Kant. 


There is another dynamic in the room - with innovative thoughts - new possibilities - a bigger meaning - bigger ownership.

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