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Knowing yourself

What would it be like to know what makes you tick?

When was the last time you took a break and got close to yourself?

I offer workshop retreats. We work with ceramics to form an impression of your self.

"When I work with clay I get a feeling of getting closer to myself. In that way I let myself disappear. It is here I find relaxation. The clay gives me time to reflect and see things more clearly". 

Working with clay forces you to slow down because the clay is not in a hurry. 

You will use clay as a reflective item to get close to some of the topics you struggle with. Your hands will create your thoughts. You don't know what you mean before you have expressed your thoughts, written them down or created them in clay. Before that, they are just perceptions. 

We will work in small groups to give space for reflection and tranquility.

The Figure, the Amulet, the Bowl.. you create will be glazed according to the Japanese RAKU technic and be your reminder of what is important to you. 

The workshop retreats will be held in Liseleje

Please contact me for further information and registration.

+45 6047 2310

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