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Trust and

psychological safety

First you need a safe space - afterwards you can build trust.

How do you think a safe space and trust would affect job satisfaction at your workplace?

Do you think trust affects productivity?  

I run workshops where we build up a stronger and more respectful trust in your team. We will work with topics from your daily life and look into what bothers you. We will externalize the problems and talk about the affects of problems in a constructive way. We will find out what is important to you. We will also talk about the things that work, the things you can do together and what gives new energy. 

Some teams have big problems and are lacking fundamental trust.

Other teams wish to get to know each other even better and strengthen trust in their team. 


Trust is like a muscle. You need to keep on training it. 

The processes are intense, attentive and safe.

You will speak about your topics in a new way.

Together you will get stronger. 

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